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Luke Mayhew

Front-end dev. Mentor to struggling developers. Pursuer of growth, wisdom, and a life well-lived.

Good programmers are worthless ― this is who I'd rather hire

If you're a good programmer, don't worry - it's ok. I won't judge you. In fact, I won't even blame you. It's probably not your fault, after all. It's probably just a combination of passion, the education system, and the millions of messages we're bombarded with every day that's throwing you off. And…

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My wife is like my job (and I hope she reads this)

I love my wife. Conclusion: my wife and my job are different . I love my wife. Conclusion: my wife and my job are similar . Like any word, "love" will mean something different depending on who you ask, and when. But my wife and I have long since come to an understanding of what we mean when we…

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Curing developer burnout: obsession, obligation, and harmony

My parents once said that I was like a light switch - either "on" or "off", with no in-between. Since then I've been called "intense", "obsessive", and "relentless". I was even told once I had "an addictive personality" - not in the sense that people just love me that much, but "it's a good thing…

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Only the best developers learn useless things (carefully)

I used to think that Computer Science was for chumps. That it was all just a bunch of academic bullshit that's no use to anyone in the real world (unless you're one of those neckbeards working on compilers or something). CompSci seemed like a black hole for money, sucking poor, naive developers into…

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How to avoid ruining lives (front-end security matters)

Ever been asked something in an interview that just totally stumped you? I have. It’s been a while, but I remember those painful moments where you’re racking your brain and coming up blank. I had a new one the other day though. A worse one. See, it’s one thing to be asked something hard and not know…

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